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We believe that games are one of the best medium to inspire people.

At MoonClock Studio we devote ourselves to creating thought-provoking games that aim to unite, encourage, and call people around the globe to act for the better future.

We are Ukrainians!

On 24th February 2022, russians launched a full-scale invasion of our country – Ukraine. We all woke up to shelling and anti-air alarm sounds.

Millions of families lost their homes. Ukrainian children lost a part of their childhood forever and became a children of war.

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Please Support Ukraine

In these dare times we need your support in our struggle against the invaders and after the war to rebuild our country.

Make a difference!
Join millions of people who support Ukraine by donating to charity funds and organizations:


Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation

United24 – The Initiative of the President of Ukraine

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Since the beginning of the war, millions of Ukrainians got trapped in the besieged cities all over Ukraine. Most of them still live in occupied territories. Some of them were lucky enough to escape.

These people tell stories that we must never forget.

Our project

As game developers we want to capture these stories into the game experience to spread the word about the atrocities of invaders and the destructive influence of war.

We decided to donate 50% of all our revenue from this game to charity that supports Ukrainian children after releasing the game.

‘We were Civilians’ is a narrative-driven game that will guide you through a story of a family caught in a war zone using puzzles and visual storytelling.

Screenshot of concept art from the game - Girl on a plyground

Where is the game?

We started to work on the game in May 2022. We plan to have a first demo to be ready this summer.

Screenshot of concept art from the game - Girl playing on a swing

The goal of this game is to encourage the international society to help protect and rehabilitate Ukrainian children that went through the horrors war.

We understand that this is a very ambitious goal.

We started development in May 2022 and plan to release the game as soon as possible but have no estimate yet.

Partially it’s because we live and work in Ukraine and the war is not over yet…

About Us

We are a MoonClock Studio – an indie game development company from Lviv, Ukraine. 

Here we create fun games with distinct game mechanics and meaningful message.

With more than a decade of experience in IT and Game Development we devote ourselves to creating the game experiences that inspire people to change the world to a better place.

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Serhiy Shyryayev


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Denis Kupets


Game Designer
3D/2D Artist